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We are Lesotho’s local player in the logistics and trucking management space with resounding success for price discovery, swift turnarounds, customized logistics, and transportation.


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Businesses have several options for coordinating their logistics, but whether they are an exporter, importer, or a domestic trader, they will ultimately seek a solution that continuously guarantees the efficient and safe delivery of their products. 

experience to be trusted

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Expand your reach with Army Ants Holding (Pty) Ltd.

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This is a trucking and logistics venture with a business model based on freight services – hauling medium and large quantities or heavy objects, as well as flammable liquids such as Petrochemicals, i.e. petrol and diesel. 


Discover oportunities

Army Ants Holdings (Pty) Ltd provides transportation services for persons or companies looking for heavy haulage (and in large quantities) of merchandise. AAH enables one to lease a truck for any project that needs hauling. We will provide this service throughout the country.


Build Foundations

This service is provided on two bases: for hire and private carriers. Of these two segments, we will concentrate on the for-hire carriers, and more specifically, the truck load and less than truck loads segments. These segments are comprised of mostly retail and related merchandise businesses buying on bulk and storing for sales to final consumers.


Integrated Logistics and Trucking Solutions

Less than load clients will be strategically grouped to combine their loads. Therefore, increased partnerships will be critical to understand their business cycles and budgeting. This service is aimed at adding value to clients buying from outside the country, yet their sizes cannot afford them full truck leasing. In the list will be street vendors, mall and other rented space vendors, small manufacturers, and seasonal consumers.

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